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H-Sphere 3.0 Patch 7 Release Notes

17 Oct 2007


H-Sphere 3.0 Patch 7 is the latest stable version.

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  • Fixed problem with not sending emails in case of the Always reject, store only flag in the Settings->Taxes menu
  • Fixed problem with purchase of PositiveSSL certificate (former name Lite SSL)
  • Epp key included into the extra parameters list for the org tld and domain transfer operation
  • Joined all taxes info into a single line to avoid loss of precision in the process of rounding up each tax position
  • Added possibility to send email notifications for dedicated servers requests (upgrade, etc.)
  • Added context help page for the system account resource
  • Fixed html encoding for Contact/Billing Info altering pages
  • Fixed problem which may appear after the reset of failed transaction attempts counter
  • Changed syntax for mlist-suspend.sh, mlist-resume.sh to work on FreeBSD
  • Improved speed of mailbox creation via the XML API interface
  • Fixed problem whith incorrect knowledge base import if knowledge base entries contain specific charachters (e.g., Turkish letters)
  • XML API security fixes.
  • Fixed problem with incorrect name server assigment. If one of the DNS servers was set as 'master admin only' and when the DNSCreator tool run with the --method parameter set to rand, the tool was able to assign 'master admin only' DNS server also to a DNS zone under a reseller.
  • Solved problem with Trouble Tickets generation when signing up for a plan with the domain transfer feature disabled.
  • Added max length validation (255 symbols) to custom TXT dns record.
  • Translated label in trial cron about account expiration
  • Fixed html encoding of text fields of Order domain page
  • The account's balance in XML file obtained by means of UsersInfoExtractor will be imported/exported using group and decimal separators defined in H-Sphere
  • Fixed problem with abnormal usage of PostgreSQL connections which may appear under some circumstances
  • Altered validation of IP addresses acceptable for custom DNS classes in order to allow entering class B network IPs
  • Fixed problem with the namespace name in the request xml
  • Fixed bug with the Unknown template : '' message appearing during VPS account signup when clicking back to the page with VPS hostname
  • Fixed an error with running the VPSReconfigJob cron, related to resource caching mechanism
  • Fixed problem when asp and asp.net resources were not created automatically for signup with stopgap domain
  • Fixed problem with incorrect Traffic details page readings for Windows based accounts
  • Improved e-mail notification for MSSQL quota resource: notification will also be sent when transaction log is exceeded
  • Fixed MSSQL database descriptions in billing entries
  • Fixed change of MSSQL database and transaction log file quotas ratio
  • Corrected the MySQLDatabase(ResourceId rId) constructor to avoid errors when loading the resource if the locked_by field in the H-Sphere database contains empty string.
  • Fixed user change mechanism for trouble tickets
  • Added implementation of the HostDependentResource interface for SharedSSL resource to provide PhysicalCreator tool with ability to restore Shared SSL resources.
  • Added indexes for the mail_preferences and mailobject tables
  • Load balanced server related parameters moved to the logical_server_options table
  • Fixed error message which appears in case of inability to create Virtual FTP when maximum allowed units are exceeded

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