H-Sphere Features


Windows and Unix/Linux hosting

H-Sphere supports both Unix/Linux and Windows-based hosting. Following are resources supported only on either platform:

Unix/Linux Windows
Error, Referrer, and Agent Logs
Modlogan Resource
Throttle Resource
Crontab and Shell Access
Server Side Imagemap
Virtual FTP
FTP sub-account


Dedicated Servers  

Starting with 2.5, H-Sphere provides leasing entire servers with full control over the server, applications installed on it and operatingsystem to first-hand and reseller end users by means of Dedicated Servers feature. You can add Dedicated servers from templates, or create a Custom-built Dedicated Server.

H-Sphere facilitates providing some of dedicated hosting services. The backup scheduling manager receives backup requests from client control panels and is ready to display them to you in a convenient manner. Attending to other user requests, such as remote reboots, adding extra IPs and server upgrades, is assisted by the trouble ticket system.

H-Sphere allows to monitor the traffic load on the dedicated server and provide data to calculate bandwidth charges by means of network switches.


MS Exchange Hosting  

Provided by Microsoft, MS Exchange Server hosting allows sending and receiving electronic mail and other forms of interactive communication through computer networks.

The centralized e-mail servers connect to the Internet and private networks where e-mail messages are sent to and received from other e-mail users. Exchange Server offers you integrated collaborative messaging features such as scheduling, contact, and task management capabilities. It interoperates with Outlook Express and other e-mail client applications.

Starting with 2.5, H-Sphere realises MS Exchange Hosting through plans. At the admin level, a special MS Exchange plan is provided. Users signed up for this plan are enabled to manage MS Exchange mailboxes, SMTP domains and distribution lists.


Hosting on Shared and Dedicated IPs

You can provide both virtual (shared IP) and IP-based (dedicated IP) hosting at the same time. Users can switch between the two options with one mouse click.


MySQL, MS SQL and PostgreSQL hosting

Users can create and manage databases on your server from any computer with internet connection. Access to the databases can be shared with other internet users, each with a different set of permissions for every database.


RealMedia hosting for Windows and Unix

With complete automation, RealMedia hosting has been made as easy as plain HTML site maintenance.


No domain hosting

Users can register accounts without domains.

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