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MS Exchange support is not included into General/Priority H-Sphere support, and priced as extra.


MS Exchange Setup Pricing

  • 2 Server MS Exchange setup - $750
    Includes setup of MS Exchange, MPS & MPF infrastructure, and its connection to H-Sphere
  • Each extra server along with setup - $100
  • Adding more servers any time later - $100 / server


Support Pricing

To order MS Exchange support, contact

  • Subscription support plan for MPS/MPF/MS Exchange related issues: $100/month
  • Per-incident support for MPS/MPF/MS Exchange related issues: $50/hour

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Requesting Installation

To order MS Exchange installation, provide with the following parameters:

  • Windows domain name
  • The list of servers (IPs) you want to use:
    • the server to be domain controller
    • the server to have MSSQL and MS Exchange installed
  • Local admin account and password to it
  • Domain admin account and password to it
  • Software Distributions:
    • win2003
    • mssql2000
    • MS Exchange 2003
    • MPS 3.5

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